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July Sales Soar!

Thank-you to Doug Hannan, Broker @ Remax West for this article…

Well, we beat the estimates again. Two weeks ago, I predicted 9,000 to 9,500 sales in July.

The market never slowed at all and in July 2009 we hit 9,951 sales reported to the Toronto Real Estate Board!

This next part is what is VERY important to pay attention to.

Right now the number of homes available for sale is at a critically low level. I’m going to repeat information from my previous message with some updated numbers. The number of sales this July jumped 27% over last year. The inventory has shrunk by 38% during the same time.

Currently the Absorption Rate (the percentage of inventory selling each month) is at an all time high. When the Absorption Rate (monthly # of sales/inventory) increases it causes prices to climb. When the number of sales increases, that’s good news. When the inventory can’t keep up with the number of sales. That’s BIG news.

Currently there are only 16,446 homes for sale. That means over 60% of the inventory is selling each month. History has shown us that an Absorption Rate of approx 30 – 35% give us a steady increase in prices. Anything above that causes prices to SHOOT up! Below I’ll show some examples over past years. If you look at it, you’ll see the pattern and identify that unless we get a huge influx of inventory (highly unlikely) prices are going to shoot up this fall. The big thing that could lower the number of sales is a failing economy. Well, according to the Bank of Canada, … the recession is OVER!

Month # of Sales Inventory Absorption Rate
July 2009 9,951 16,446 60%
July 2008 7,806 26,543 29%
July 2007 8,912 20,694 43%
July 2004 7,329 22,368 33%
July 2001 5,807 19,484 30%
July 1998 5,026 20,559 24%
July 1995 3,721 27,610 13%

Enjoy the summer. Call me if I can be of any help.


Doug Hannan
RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage
1678 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON M6P 1A9

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Borrow Now

Toni Ceniti, AMP (Lic # M08003081)
Senior Mortgage Agent
Lending Logic Financial Inc. (Broker # 11782)
Tel: (647) 295-6305 Fax: (905) 887-2621

Good day, I hope your world is treating you okay. The Real Estate and Mortgage Market continues to move and shake, time and time again. The driving force behind this current movement is LOW INTEREST RATES….and competition.

Allow me to reflect back to 1989 GTA Real Estate.

The Driving Force of the Real Estate Market INTEREST RATES

1989 – Cost to borrow 1st mortgages was 12% to 13%

1989 GTA average house price peaked on Feb 15th, 1989 at $350,000. Then BURST!

1991-92 average house prices dropped to $250,000. To $275,000.

2009 – Cost to borrow 1st mortgages as low as 2.65% unbelievable

2009 average house price est. $375,000. GTA we are back to the Future.

To buy a $350,000. home in 1989 it cost your 10% MORE to carry every year.

10% more than today 2009. You had to earn 10% more money 20 years ago to qualify for that same pr

In your Life Time……There has never been a better time to borrow or buy.

Low rates, means lower monthly mortgage payments, it allows more people qualify to buy. Most importantly to Investors….low, low rates Convert into higher loan amounts and higher values on all Income producing properties.

Based on my over 40 years in the Real Estate and Mortgage Business, I strongly advising all my clients, associates, family and friends and prospects TO BORROW AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE AND INVEST THOSE BORROWED FUNDS. History has taught me…When lenders are giving away their monies asking for your business…Say, yes, thank you very much….and just before you get your final approval you ask…Is that all the money I can get? Is there someway I may borrow more funds? Then shut up and listen. You may be surprise. Get as much as you can NOW and Invest.

Buy and Hold and Never Sell (never kill your Golden Goose)

TRUE HAPPINESS in your Real Estate portfolio IS POSITIVE CASH FLOW.

No matter the Market conditions, Real Estate will never disappear; it stays and stays and stays. Don’t wait to buy Real Estate, buy, wait and hold….Never Sell.

The GTA market is starting to get back some of its old ways…I hearing of multiple offers on a number of properties in GTA in certain areas. The Lenders have realized that The Sky Did not Fall Yet…Now, they are thinking of ways and means to get your business. The Lenders have been retrained and reminded to say…..”How much money do you need?” Please take are money. Funds are plentiful and that is a good thing.

Oh, how I love Capitalism, and working and living in the GTA and Ontario the money capital of Canada.

I love this country Canada with all my heart and soul and everyday I am thankful to be born and live in the wonderland land of opportunity. Canada and Canadians are both beautiful and warm with excitement and life. We do not have concern ourselves with being bombed or attached by our enemies, we live in a safe place a place where everyone is Free. A wonderful privilege we often take for granted.

Current Interest Rates and Private Funds Available: July20th, , 2009


Residential Rates – Floating rate as low as 2.60% – 5 year variable

Fixed rates: 3 years 3.50% & 4.18% for 5 years

Industrial/Commercial – Floating rates as low as 3.75% to 4.25%

Multi-Residential Rates: low as 3.29% to 3.79% 5 years

Private Funds Available all over Ontario

Toni Ceniti, AMP (Lic # M08003081)
Senior Mortgage Agent
Lending Logic Financial Inc. (Broker # 11782)

Tel: (647) 295-6305 Fax: (905) 887-2621

By Referral Only means that my business is designed to provide you with the highest possible level of care and attention. Unlike most mortgage consultants, who spend most of their time searching for new customers from the general public, over 97% of my business comes from clients endorsements. As a result, you benefit by receiving my undivided attention, education, predictability and dedication.
My promise is to give you my sound mortgage advise and peace of mind with the mortgage process. I also want to help you understand the future implications of your financial decision.
My goal is to build a relationship with you based on mutual trust and respect.
My vision is to make a positive difference on your finances, in your life, and passive income for your future.

YOU are my next referral source!

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Lowest Mortgage Rates anywhere…


Sutton Group offers the lowest mortgage rates available anywhere but you  must buy through a Sutton agent in order to receive this rate.

You can have this 3.65% rate for a 5 year term or a variable rate at 3.25% which translates to $3.99 per $1000 or about $1596 per month on a $400 000 home.


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Home ownership is…

Home ownership is not only a forced savings but is a great tax free investment.  Sutton Group Summit offers a special rate of 3.65% for a 5-year term or variable at 3.25% which equals approximately $3.99 per thousand dollars in a monthly payment.  This means that a $400 000 mortgage is about $1596 per month.

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